Monday, January 27, 2014

This is great! Technology helping people enjoy eating more? I Love it!

A Spoon That Helps Parkinson’s Patients Eat Without Spilling

As you get older, your hands start to shake. Those suffering from Parkinson’s disease have it even worse. And these hand tremors affect us most when we eat. Currently, there is no cure for these nerve disorders—solutions out there often fall short or are invasive. To take the frustration out of eating that’s caused by shaky hands, Lift Labs, a group of scientists and engineers of California, has created a spoon that cancels tremors. Called ‘Liftware’, the battery-operated electronic cutlery has sensors, accelerometers and a microprocessor embedded in its handle. The sensors and accelerometers detect hand tremors, while the microprocessor will adjust the handle’s spoon or fork attachment, to respond according to the user’s shaking—going in opposite direction of the tremor, to steady the attachment. According to clinical trials, the innovative dinnerware cancels up to 70% of shaking—making it easy for users with shaky hands to feed themselves. With this cutlery, Parkinson’s patients no longer need to feel embarrassed at the dinner table.